Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trusting in the Lord's Timing

 My companion and I dressed up like twins on Halloween and switched name tags hahaha.

 These girls are just a few who are in my district.  Love them! One of the girls, (the short one going to Ecuador) sang while I played my harp at auditions to play at the devotional. 

 Hahaha. My companion and I climbed on the statues and pretended we were riding the bikes with the elders. hahaha sooooo funny.  My companion was so worried we would get in trouble. 

My district during study time! 

So this week was quite a learning curve. Trying to forget myself completely is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I am reminded everyday that this is the Lords work and not mine. 

So this week my harp arrived!!!! Thanks that was so fun!  I was hoping I would have run into you when you came but that didn't pan out. That's okay, then I got to practice the harp a bit and I asked one of the girls in my district to sing “Come Thou Fount” while I played and we would audition to play for devotional.  It went well.  It was amazing how the Lord helped me play so well when there was hardly any time to practice! Then I played in sacrament meeting twice yesterday! I played the harp solo that you sent me.  It went great. To my surprise the MTC president and his wife came to our sacrament meeting. That made me a little more nervous:P haha. But the spirit was way strong.  I love sharing my musical talents in religious meetings because the spirit is always there. Then after all the talks the Branch President got up and said, “Hermana Bailey will you play that song again for the closing hymn!”  Hahahah So I got to do it 2 times. That was nice though because I got it all the way to the 4th floor for 2 songs instead of 1. 
Hahah mom it is so funny when I would walk around with the harp.  My whole district would follow me and where ever I would go they would go. Then the Branch President asked some elders to help me hahaha. But in reality, that can’t help that much. But after it was all said and done,  everyone was like “oh you elders are so strong.  I can’t believe you moved Hermana Baileys harp”.  hahahah But then the Elders would say, “she did it all!” Hahahah So now everyone knows how strong I am :) So many people that heard me practice or people that have seen me take the harp to a certain place see me now in places and say, “Hi Harp lady!” Hahaha I think my companion hates it. She says that everyone flocks around me but I don't know if I really believe that.

So my Branch President got released yesterday! Wow that was sad. It is so amazing how I could love him and his wife so much! I have only known them for 2  1/2 weeks. It is crazy how the Lord has really opened my heart to love the people here in the MTC! I am already dreading the day I have to leave. 

So last week my companions and I were eating lunch and a member of the Seventy,  Elder Catch came and sat down right next to me and the girls in my district. He asked us about ourselves; why we were in the MTC? And then he told us a bit of advice right before we left to class. He said that God is so pleased with us being on a mission. He also said “forget your concerns that you might feel like you are a bad teacher. Forget that you can’t speak the language, because God is going to take care of it!” So this week and last week I am continuing to forget my worries and trust the Lord! It is amazing how on a mission I keep realizing that I need to trust God. I am still striving to know how to better trust him. I struggle at times to even see myself ever learning the language. All I can do at times is trust and believe and have HOPE that God will provide a way. I have come to understand faith on a whole different level! Faith isn't just knowing that something will happen. It is us walking and sometimes in the dark but hoping that God will take care of me!  The devotionals here are so awesome! I always find an answer to one of my questions or concerns if I just let my heart be in the right place.

Well enough spiritual stuff! 
Yes Wednesday is my half way mark- so crazy! It is so funny when the people come on Wednesday and I can see how confused they all look. I am so glad I don’t ever have  to redo that day again. Guess who came to the MTC on Wednesday?!  Kathy Andelin (one of the twins from the Basketball team).  I see her all the time. Her classroom is right next to mine! It is so fun! 

I am trying to eat healthy but it is hard when the MTC puts a ton of dairy products on everything they make.  My favorite is their orange chicken!  Mom I am seriously eating like a queen.  Some people complain about the food but I love it. (It isn’t as good as yours of course) But yeah I am pretty sure my skirts are getting tighter.

Yes I met Hermana Orgill! Crazy story to tell Grandma! So I hadn’t thought about Hermana Orgill at all this whole MTC experience.  Then Last week Grandma wrote me and asked me if I had seen her. I put it in the back of my mind and forgot about it. Then Tuesday at devotional (remember I had forgotten all about Hermana Orgil), I remembered her name and that Grandma wanted me to find her. Like 5 seconds after I thought that, a sister behind me says "Hermana Orgil, How are you?”  I looked, and 2 feet in front of me was her! I looked at her and probably confused her for a second but explained that our grandparents are best friends and that they wanted me to meet her! Crazy huh? Now I see her all the time! 

Another cool story! Tuesday night I had a thought - take your vitamin C... I was like weird, I feel fine. No one around me is sick.  But I went ahead and took one. Well the very next day I woke up with a small sore throat! What Crazy?! I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't taken the Vitamin C? Kinda cool. You might think it is stupid that I still got a sore throat! But I believe that the Spirit helped me know that the next day I would be a little sick and that I was going to need a little vitamin to help me through the next day. 

But so my heal spur hurts in my new shoes. I will wear my inserts all the time and hope that helps because I really don’t want to go to the doctor! But just write me a dearelder letter ASAP and let me know what causes heal spurs so that I can hopefully prevent it!

Love you Family! 

Love Hermana Bailey

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