Monday, November 3, 2014

God Helps Me With Whatever I Need!

Wow time is just flying by! I have learned so much about myself and as a missionary. God really knows me! Every night I make a goal of how I am going to become more like Christ. And yes, of course God helps me with whatever I need!

Kami had her baby! I am so happy! That sounds like it was pretty difficult! I am so bummed I can’t see him.  I keep having dreams that Kami brings him here to see me but he is huge.  I must have those dreams because I am paranoid that I won’t see him until he is 1 1/2 :(    That is okay though.  Throughout this week I have really come to know about my purpose in being here and why God asks so much from missionaries.  I have come to believe it is because we are trying to become more like Christ! His journey  sharing his light and gospel was never easy. 

My companion and I got a calling. We are the music coordinators for all our church meetings.  SURPRISE!  Hahaha  I am excited though to be able to help in some way. 

Okay so, long story short, my branch presidency found out I play the harp. They want me to play in church and they want me to audition to play at devotional. They said you could bring the harp and drop it off at the MTC. I, of course, can’t see you:(  My branch president’s  wife is going to contact you and let you know the details of where to drop it off and when... If you are too busy, no worries I understand. But if you could do that,  it would be fun to share my talents with all these wonderful missionaries.  IF you do bring the harp I need the tuning key and stuff,  music stand and some music:  “If You Could Hie to Kolob” (I played it in sacrament meeting) and if you could bring “Be Still My Soul” (I played that in the singles ward).  Also, in one of my black notebooks is “Come Thou Fount.”  It is a duet.  I think it is 4 pages.  And bring any other music you see that might be good for church. Also, bring a bag full of my harp strings.  If you could bring it tomorrow that would be perfect! 

Yes I got unpacked! Well... sort of. Hahaha  Let’s just say unpacked enough to live for the next 6 weeks.:)  I don’t need anything but if you could send me my red hoody that would be really nice. Maybe even a few hangers... Hahaha you were right when you said I would want more. But I don't need a lot just like 5 would be great.  My clothes don't wrinkle badly at all so we did good Mom! Yay:)

My district has about 12 people.  It is a big district and we study in a tiny classroom all day.  Haha   Let’s just say we are all like family now. The elders gave each of us a blessing yesterday. That was really nice. Now I will have extra help with my studying! Most people in our district are going to Argentina but more northern Argentina.  There are 2 going to Ecuador.  In our zone there were 2 sisters going to Buenos Aires West! I sent them a note for Aaron hoping they will see him and give him the note:) Most of our Zone flew to Argentina today and there are 2 elders going to Salt Lake Spanish speaking! Crazy. 
I never did find out why we aren't with the girls going to Neuquen. But that is okay. There is a reason for everything. 
My teacher is from Mexico so the Spanish she teaches is from Mexico but every once in a while she will say, “in Argentina they say it like this...”  My other teacher served a mission in Neuquen,  Argentina!
Funny story  ---  So the 2nd day here we had to teach an investigator in Spanish.  Then,  after a couple of meetings, we committed him to baptism! It was awesome. The Spirit was so strong.  I felt like I got a glimpse of the happiness that comes from teaching people the gospel and then they choose to be baptized.  Then 2 days later the investigator was our new teacher! What? My companion and I were so bummed.  But now he teaches us and then we have to teach him and we have to pretend he is a real investigator. It is so hard to take it seriously. 

Yes I am so happy!  Every night I just lie in my bed with a heart full of gratitude for so many blessings I have been given throughout the day. Mom, I receive so many answers,  I can’t even remember them all.  Do you remember my cool experience in the temple from D&C 31? Yes  I get cool experiences (if not more cool) like that all day! 

Yeah I LOVE my companion. You should write her a letter because she wrote you:)  Did you get my letter from after my first day in the MTC? 
I have not seen Sister Ellis again,  but I have seen a lot of people that I knew in high school.
Yes I saw the blog pictures they are so cute-thanks. 

Tell Brayden congratulations about basketball! Work your hardest Brayden.  That was my favorite thing I ever did in high school. Love it while it lasts! 

I know you guys are probably way busy,  but remember,  the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.   Hahah I know I am gettting really preachy, but I now know why missionaries do this in their emails because as a missionary you see what is the most important thing. 

Cool experience -- My companion’s friend is getting baptized,  but her family is not happy about it.  So I decided I would write her.  As I was writing, the spirit kept saying to write that I know the Prophet is a true prophet.   I didn’t know why I should say that.  Later I told my companion.  She just looked at me and said that that is something her friend was struggling with!  God knows us exactly. It is something I am reminded of everyday!  

Love you guys! SOOOO much.   I miss you so much. I am praying for you and hope you are doing well. 

Love,  Hermana Bailey

P.S. Devotional on Tuesday and a general authority is coming. I’m  sooooo excited! I heard they are broadcasting it and I am in the choir so I might be on TV.  You should watch It and look for me:) 

The language is coming. I have a card of words that I memorize everyday and I am really trying my best.  My companion said that I have gotten a lot better since starting here! YAY! Hard work! And lots and lots of prayers. 

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