Monday, November 17, 2014

Being a Missionary is a Very Sacred Calling

Dad thanks for your letter! Wow I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get a letter from you- hahaha. How’s work?
So things here in the MTC are good. I found out what we are doing on Thanksgiving. We are doing a service project. And apparently someone really cool is coming to speak to us. Hopefully an apostle! Keeping my fingers crossed. I think that they don't want a ton of people to work on Thanksgiving so we get sack lunches on Thanksgiving. That's all fine and dandy but I am going to miss my Thanksgiving rolls. I don't want to stress you mom but if you have any extra rolls, send them to the MTC.  My companion and I would love that! 

So my stupid foot turned out to be a huge blessing. So I was having really bad pain in my back heal. It felt like a muscle was being pulled whenever I would put pressure on the bottom of my foot. Well after 3 weeks of this, my companion said we are going to the doctor. We went and after seeing 2 doctors here in the MTC neither of them knew what was wrong so my companion and I got to go off campus! Hahaha it was quite the adventure. We went to the foot doctor. He was super nice... He looked at my foot and told me basically what you guys heard from him on the phone but that either I get surgery and postpone my mission 6 months or get some new inserts. Well, of course I chose the inserts. I would rather be in pain than come home and have to come back out. So it was such a miracle that we went when we did because it takes like 2 weeks to make the inserts. And If I would have gone later I would have had to stay in the MTC longer because you can’t send anything to Argentina! -So crazy. The craziest part was that my foot started hurting when it did. Because the only other time my foot gave my problems like that was when I played basketball and that is when I was working out a ton. And here in the MTC we don't walk a ton. It is just studying. But God knew that with me walking 14 miles a day in Argentina that my foot was going to give me problems so he made my foot hurt now so I could get it fixed while I was still in America. Wow, isn't that a huge testimony building story! God knows everything! I hope that is okay Mom and Dad that I got those new expensive inserts:)     Hahah, after the foot doctor I tried to get my companion to go to Papa Johns but she is so obedient she wouldn’t! Hahahha I was so bummed. 

So it sounds like Tyson is home! That is good. What is he doing besides dating Loni? Tell him to write me, I love my letters. They seriously mean the WORLD as a missionary. 

Hope, quess what!? To say your name in Spanish it is Esperanza! Isn’t that pretty! When I found that out I couldn't wait to tell you. Serenity how are you? How’s school? Brayden I wrote you a letter today so you should be getting a letter in the mail pretty soon. 

So wait why is Kami's tailbone hurting? The pictures of the deer are awesome! There is soo much snow! It is freezing outside but none of the snow has been sticking here in Provo. My poor companion is from Arizona and is not used to this cold weather at all and only has a tiny jacket so I share mine but it is really cold for her all the time. 

Wow!  Another cool story. So I was stressing the other day about how I am not even close to speaking Spanish fluently and how I am leaving to Argentina in 2 weeks. Well I prayed to have God help me know how to use these next 2 weeks the best I know how. Well, lo and behold guess what me and my class studied the next 3 days?  How to manage our time wisely! What? Crazy! My prayer was answered again! 

I went to the temple today and we did sealing and the sealer talked to me and my companion about how it is so important that we teach our investigators the importance of baptism. It is so cool- everywhere we go people just love us as missionaries. 

In our Sunday devotional yesterday my testimony was really strengthened on the importance of being a missionary. As missionaries we are the rare few that represent the church. And we are representing the Savior. I used to be so confused why there were so many rules. But as missionaries we represent a lot of things and so we have to be on our best behavior. The speaker also mentioned how we are Christ’s shepherds going out to the world to find the lost sheep. Wow! That hit me way hard. I always viewed Christ as the shepherd but as missionaries we are too! Crazy crazy! Well things are going great. I get a little discouraged about the language- Especially when we talk about conjugating verbs. Uh I felt like being in elementary school and the teachers are explaining something and I have no idea what is going on but everyone else seems to understand. Ugh whenever that happens I just want to cry. But I just keep trusting that the Lord will help me. And besides I can teach a whole lesson in Spanish so I need to not be so hard on myself. Oh super funny story: We were teaching an investigator the plan of salvation and I asked her "De Donde Vivimos" which i thought meant where did you come from.. like heaven you know... Yeah well by accident I said “where do you live”. The girl looked at me and said,  “my room.” About 15 seconds later I realized what I just said and my companion and I just started laughing. Then we told the investigator and she was laughing. We laughed so hard we couldn't even finish because we ran out of time! hahaha oh boy!
Hahahah after every devotional we are asked to set up chairs and then we can leave. Well most people in my district just put up like 2 chairs and then go to bed.  Ugh It drives me crazy hahahah.  So yesterday I told the elders "you guys, the work isn't done" and because of me,  pushing everyone in my district to stay and help until the work is done, they all stayed! It is amazing if one person will just say something, everyone just listens. 

Oh I forgot to tell you! Oh Mom I got so sick this past week.  I lost my voice. But because of your essential oils I got better within 3 days, but other people who had the same sickness had it for a week. It is so funny-I am like the mom of the group. I know how to get rid of stains and take care of people when they are sick. When sisters have a question they say, "ask Hermana Bailey, she will know!" 
hahahaha crazy. 

I forgot! So they want me to play my harp in a thing for Thanksgiving. They don't want it to be a church song.  So could you send me some music?  If you take it to Pioneer Party in a bag they can do same day delivery and that would be really good to get it tomorrow if at all possible.  Thanks Love you. 

Love you all and miss you lots! 
Love Hermana Bailey

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