Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last Letter in 2014

Dear Family,

After our phone call for Christmas, I was feeling great. I felt like I could take on this mission like no big deal! But then of course the next day the language was really discouraging again. But I prayed a ton and the next day was much better. I was able to feel that my patience is growing- which is a huge miracle. 

Anyways, Dad thanks for your letter. I need to remember to forget myself. Hahahaha it is so hard. When you said I’d work all day you weren’t kidding.  We just work from morning to night... This is a small struggle. So I am trying to forget myself and realize it is only for 18 months! Well 16 now:) hahaha 

I love you all so much. Talking to you on skype was the best thing ever.

Cool story!-- So my companion said in Mexico they only have 1 kind of garment and it is the cotton kind. She asked if she could buy a pair from me.  I, being selfish, told her no.  I need mine because I need them to last my whole mission right.... Well after noticing that she needs garments way bad I decided I would give her my best pair for Christmas. So I did. She was super happy and then later that night she skyped her family.  She told her mom and her mom said she was worried about her garment situation and was praying that her daughter would get some garments.  She (my companion) needed garments way bad. So I was able to answer my companion’s mom’s prayers! How cool is that? It is comforting that I am able to help make a small difference.

The other day I was feeling super bad about the language and we were in a lesson and my companion said the Spirit told her to ask me a question and share it with our investigator... I don’t know if my story really helped my investigator. But just knowing that the Spirit told my companion to have me say something meant a ton to me because it shows that God knows I am here and wants to use me as a tool in His hands. I don’t know, I just loved that. 

Anyways, I love you all so much and I am soooo grateful for our family. We are so blessed. 

Love Hermana Bailey

 My goal this week is to forget myself and my wants!!! It’s my last week in 2014. I need to enjoy it:)  

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